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(Aug 30, 2017)
Anyone alive!?
(Dec 31, 2012)
Merry Christmas (yes, I know, late :C) and Happy New Year!
(Dec 07, 2012)
(Dec 07, 2012)
i havent bought the expansion yet, and i can't even play all that much, but i'm sort of back in the game :)
(Dec 06, 2012)
Hope to see you in game, take care
(Dec 04, 2012)
Oh and I already pre ordered rohan, its just finding the time to play haha
(Dec 04, 2012)
Been playing the World of tanks a fair bit Elnord though real life is taking over more from the internet now. Steel_Beast incase you were wondering
(Oct 30, 2012)
Hi Zir, Hope you get back Rohan is very nice.
(Oct 26, 2012)
Hey! How's everyone doing? I might consider playing the new expansion for a while. Not yet though, too busy irl :(
(Oct 25, 2012)
may be I will try it again. Someday. Now I moved my gaming soul to World of Tanks :-) Good luck guys, missed u already :-)
(Oct 24, 2012)
It is a very solo friendly expansion so far, and also with the changes they made with open tapping
(Oct 24, 2012)
good to hear it Gals! ... and Tharg, its simply cause I dont want to play solo and there is no kin I would like to join.
(Oct 22, 2012)
From my view its a very nice expansion
(Oct 22, 2012)
Why not Elnord? :)
(Oct 21, 2012)
Dont think I will come back to game in near future. So enjoy the new fight on horseback :-)
(Sep 17, 2012)
lol! Cant be so bad, can? (Talking about ur love life :-)
(Sep 16, 2012)
hmmm this forums even more dead than my love life.
(Jul 17, 2012)
hey Tuk, hey Rukia!
(Jul 17, 2012)